Top Five Restaurant Construction Trends of 2019

These days, you need more than just food to astound your restaurants guests. Customers today are more well-informed than years past, and look for restaurants with unique aspects that will provide a memorable experience. One way that restaurant owners can fulfill this demand is by reading our list of the Top Restaurant Design Trends of 2019.

  1. Product Design

As your restaurant begins to gain a following, investing in attractive quality custom restaurant fixtures and furniture can greatly enhance a restaurants overall aesthetic. Restaurant owners can start by implementing unique items such as decorative lights, unique plates and cutlery, and well-designed custom chairs and furniture. Scandinavian or Swedish furniture can can display sophisticated, minimalism atmosphere while vintage, nostalgia can lean towards a more playful, retro vibe which can bring back a lot of good memories for older restaurant guests.

2. Concept

Another top design restaurant design trend of 2019 will be conceptual restaurants, A good restaurant construction concept will be one that covers an array of elements. Everything should be precise and coordinated, from the name, logo and menus to the interior and promotional advertisements.

By creating a creative design, it helps set your restaurant apart from the competition.Your main focus should be about providing restaurant guests with a distinct and memorable experience from the second they walk through your front door. Once you correctly identify your targeted audience, designing your restaurants becomes fairly easy as you can determine what your customers want to experience and see.

Overall, you want your restaurant to invoke a sense of belonging, look visually pleasing, and tell a story that your customers want to be apart of.

3. Design-conscious

Once you have your product designed and well laid out, now is the time to focus on your new restaurant construction and design. Ideally, it is a good idea to use your new designed product for inspiration in how to design your restaurant. By infusing captivating art, you can create a unique, memorable experience which can keep your customers coming back time and time again. 

A great idea is to hire a local artist to design and paint a mural on one of your walls to create a unique, eye-catching accent wall. The more striking and unique, the better! Your restaurant may even turn into a local hotspot and be the topic of conversation, or even a great place to start a photo-op for customers on social media.

4. Colour

Once you have designed your restaurant construction concept in place, the next step would be to choose a colour scheme that will go well with your companies brand. You want all aspects of your restaurant to blend in harmony, such as walls, restaurant fixtures, menus, upholstery, flooring, and drapery. Create multiple palettes of complimenting colours before you begin choosing your furniture, paint and other coloured restaurant fixtures.

5. Visible Kitchen

Honesty is the best policy. That couldn’t be more true for the Canadian restaurant industry. An exposed kitchen can entertain your guests and also shows your customers that you have nothing to hide. Canadian restaurant patrons in 2019 like to see how their food is made and how clean your kitchen really is. If you check all of those boxes you can almost guarantee customers will continue to choose your restaurant over the competition.

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